Creating a Global Network

AccessCircles is a by-invitation global network for women providing connectivity, knowledge and access to thought leaders, resources and experiences that transform our lives. Our primary areas of focus, health, wellness and life planning, are of intense interest to members as they make the choices that shape their lives, the lives of their families and their futures.

The AccessCircles network spurs dialogue, action and transformation through the sharing of our collective knowledge and influence by tapping the wisdom of preeminent thinkers and industry pioneers.

As a 501c3, our mission is to provide education, thought leadership and connectivity to create sustainable and meaningful change in women’s lives.

Stretch Your Mind. Stir Your Spirit.

Move Your Soul.

AccessCircles Experiences offer opportunities to learn and grow among our network of engaging women. Our experiences are held in unique settings where preeminent thought leaders share their wisdom with us. As a member, you are invited to all experiences throughout the year.

Our Partners

Butterfield & Robinson
Sotheby's International Realty
Del Mar Real Estate
Cleveland Clinic
Golden Door
Brigham Health / Connors Center
Blank Rome
Bessemer Trust
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Aspen Brain Lab
Circle Wealth
Health Nucleus

AccessCircles Partner Benefits provides our members with private access to our thought leaders and institutions and offers a curated selection of luxury lifestyle partners, each offering exclusive services, products and experiences. AccessCircles Member Benefits seamlessly integrates our partners’ customized offerings into our members’ personal and business lives.

In addition, our partners collaborate with us throughout the year to create one-of-a-kind experiences, enhancing our programming and inviting members to engage with each other through shared interests and experiences.

Membership Benefits


We partner with leading institutions who offer us their wisdom, experience, cutting-edge knowledge along with the ability to influence our care and well-being.

AccessLife Planning

We collaborate with leading institutions that understand the needs of accomplished women and create intimate, peer-to-peer settings where they can offer wisdom and guidance to preserve and grow wealth.


At Dialogues, remarkable thought leaders have been invited by AccessCircles to set the stage by sharing their expertise. Inevitably, this generates deep conversations about the relevant issues and transitions of our lives, careers and families.


Our two to four-day Wellness Forums include preeminent physicians, academics and masters in their fields who share their compelling insights and wisdom with us. Forums provide time to replenish and rejuvenate our minds, bodies and souls and absorb life changing insights.

Transformational Journeys

We create curated private journeys to locations around the globe and explore the habits, culture, food and wellness practices that contribute to the well-being of the countries we visit. We meet personally with influential and noteworthy women for exclusive views and insider access to their history and culture.

AccessCircles Online

In this online forum, members gain insight into issues which are most important to their well being while also finding peer reviews, recommendations and advice of interest on wellness, life planning and travel.

As a member of AccessCircles, you will have access to our private website, where you will gain valuable insights, communicate with like-minded members and stay up to date on all experiences.

Members receive invitations to attend sought-after experiences that provide access to an extraordinary community of women who will inspire, mentor, befriend, encourage and collaborate in ways that will enrich and enhance your life.

For more information and to inquire about membership in AccessCircles, please email or call 203.661.1173

WHAM! Initiative

We are passionate about women’s health and the impact that we know can be made if research reflects how men and women are different down to the cellular level. WHAM! has been created as an initiative of AccessCircles to focus on increasing awareness of women’s health issues and implementing strategies that will improve the inequities and bias in research and accelerate scientific discovery in women’s health.

WHAM! will fund investigators through private donations, providing the much-needed resources for the success of new research that leads to obtaining larger federal grants.

An annual convening will bring together AccessCircles members, leaders and stakeholders from academia, foundations, government and technology to share ideas and successes, and they’ll continue to strive for patient-centered, precision medicine.

Did You Know?


AccessCircles was founded by Carolee Lee, the former CEO and founder of Carolee Designs, one of the worlds’ leading accessories brands. After the selling her business in 2001, Carolee focused her passion and energy on womens’ health and life planning issues with a vision to create AccessCircles.

Lynn Connelly, a leading marketing executive and former LPGA golfer with a passion for educating women on the importance of living a proactive life of wellness, joined Carolee as a founding partner in January 2007.

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