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Health Research: Why Sex and Gender Differences Matter
Dr. Carolyn Mazure, Founder Women's Health Research at Yale
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In1994, thanks to a very focused group of individuals, the historic National Institutes of Health (NIH) Revitalization Act mandated that, for the first time, women and minorities be included in NIH-funded clinical trials.   It took until June of 2016, for the N.I.H. to announce that they would begin requiring researchers to take gender into account in preclinical research on animals as well.

Before then, the science that led to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and even medication dosages was based almost entirely on male physiology, assuming that, apart from reproductive organs, women and men were biologically the same.

Twenty years ago, few people understood that women are affected differently than men by some of the world's most devastating health problems.

This emerging knowledge–that differences in the cellular makeup, down to the cellular level of men and women affect their health across their lifespan–is now driving advances in the way that doctors prevent, diagnose, and treat certain conditions and illnesses.

Today, the growing field of Gender Based Research is shedding new light on the impact that sex and gender has on health and on illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression and auto immune disease.

Despite considerable progress, vast inequities still remain in the biomedical research that informs our understanding and treatment of diseases.  

Dr. Carolyn Mazure is a dynamic force in the field of women's health.  In 1998, she established Women's Health Research at Yale (WHRY), a gender-specific research facility that generates scientific investigations of gender differences, broadening the scope of knowledge on all human health. Dr. Mazure is also a professor of psychiatry and psychology at Yale and has helped to raise millions of dollars for women's health research, transforming the way we think about and treat women's health issues.  She is Director, Women's Health Research at Yale School of Medicine.

Join us for a dynamic dialogue as we explore the surprising data concerning women's wellness research and offer some ideas on how we plan to partner with leading institutions to create change for this generation and future ones.

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