New York | Clodagh's Studio | 6:00-8:00PM
Life Enhancing Design
With World Renowned Architect and Designer: Clodagh
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Entering a Clodagh designed space is an experience of both serenity and indulgence.

A believer in the tenets of integrative medicine, Clodagh embraces both ancient and cutting edge methods in an effort to comfort not only the body but also the soul. Among the earliest adopters of Feng Shui in her design practice, Clodagh is once again ahead of the curve by incorporating such modalities as chromatherapy and biophilia into her distinctive projects. She passionately believes that good design supports well-being and transforms people's lives.

Join us at Clodagh’s studio for dinner and an intimate dialogue on the  projects, moments, and ideals that have shaped her life and inspirational career.