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Our community is comprised of significant women who want to continue to fuel change within their lives and their family's lives. They are women who create change within their communities by giving generously of their social, intellectual or financial capital. AccessCircles is building an unprecedented global network with the power to transform your life, your inner circle and the larger world around you.

Membership Offering

AccessCircles intends to build vibrant circles of women globally. We currently offer experiences and programming on a monthly basis, as well as annual Retreats and Transformational Journeys around the world.

Become an AccessCircles Member

  • Access to the global network directory of significant women.
  • Complimentary access to all dialogues.
  • Access to our Health and Wellness Resources and to our Life Planning experts
  • Invitations to exclusive Dinner Dialogues, Retreats and Transformational Journeys.
  • Password-protected entrée to our private website, where you will gain valuable insights, read commentary posted by our knowledgeable and sought-after experts and partners, communicate with other like-minded members and stay up to date on all experiences by reading our newsletters.
  • Exclusive offerings from our exemplary partners.

To speak with the Director of Membership or for more information call: 203.661.1173 or email:

Annual Member Dues

The Benefits of Membership

On becoming a member of AccessCircles, you will be invited to attend our sought-after experiences which will provide you access to an extraordinary community of women. As a member you will connect with women who will inspire, mentor, befriend, encourage and collaborate in ways that will enrich and enhance your life.

All members will be invited to all Dialogues (lunches, dinners and receptions)  as one of the benefits of membership. Retreats and Transformational Journeys will be offered to members first and, if there is space available at any of our experiences, guests may be invited for a fee.

  • Connectivity and access to significant women around the world.
  • Over 20 unique experiences throughout the year, including Dialogues,, Retreats and Transformational Journeys.
  • Access to the AccessCircles members-only website connecting you to the global community and providing a calendar of experiences. Through our Newsletters, we will share information and knowledge from our thought leaders, partners and members.
  • AccessCircles invitations to keep you informed of experiences and information pertaining to your health and wellness, life planning and travel experiences.
  • The  Members' Benefits program: AccessCircles partners are the best-in-class and will provide you with cutting-edge information and experiences.  You will also enjoy unique and exclusive benefits from our partners.

The Goals of Membership

  • To connect women globally so that they may share their information, knowledge, wisdom and influence in order to create change in their lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of women around the world.
  • To enhance the AccessCircles community's health and wellness, financial wisdom, business and philanthropic capabilities and acumen through the exchange of ideas, solutions, and support.
  • To develop education and peer-to-peer networking exclusively for our community.
  • To share and build success by leveraging the collective wisdom and resources of members and partners.
  • To have fun while we are stretching our minds, stirring our spirits and moving our souls.
  • To build an unprecedented global network with the power to transform your life, your inner circle and the larger world around you.

What is Expected of Members

  • Support each other and give back to each other by offering time, expertise and resources through participation and connecting with others.
  • Get involved; attend Dialogues, Retreats and Journeys when you are available.
  • Have a responsive approach.
  • Keep conversations confidential.
  • Identify and assist in cultivating other qualified candidates for membership.
  • No business solicitation.

To speak with the Director of Membership or for more information call: 203.661.1173 or email:


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