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Circle Wealth's culture reflects our team's distinct background and history. Our philosophy is simple: We are dedicated to leveraging our combined expertise and decades of experience, on both the institutional and client sides of the table, to offer tailored and unbiased client solutions.

In 2007, Circle Wealth was founded on the singular passion of working with clients in a way that makes sense for them, navigating the complexities of planning and investing with a trusted ‘co-pilot’. Our model has been created so that we can be that co-pilot. It combines the access and expertise of a large firm with the deep client focus and personal attention of a boutique. It reflects our belief that wealth management is about more than account balances and rates of return. While we expertly manage our clients' investments, we are equally focused on the human side of the balance sheet. 

Circle symbolizes our commitment to collaboration and comprehensiveness.  We appreciate the relationship we have with each of our clients and welcome the opportunity to discuss whether our firm's approach is right for you. 

Your exclusive benefit includes a complementary meeting with Maria Chrin, Managing Partner, at CWM.  Please contact Maria at to set up a meeting.

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