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Dr. Roizen is Cleveland Clinic's Chief Wellness Officer and Chair of its Wellness Institute. The Institute's programs have helped Clinic employees lose 455,000 pounds; reduce smokers from 15.4 to 5.2%; flatten the cost curve, and developed StressFreeNow & other programs that The Institute's Enterprise share with 40 corporations.

Dr. Roizen founded twelve companies, including RealAge, co-invented a drug approved by FDA, and published a series of highly popular bestsellers including 4 #1 New York Times bestsellers: translated into 44 languages and ranked #1 in five countries

He and Dr. Oz write a daily column syndicated to 134 newspapers; hosts a two-hour radio show weekly. He shared a daytime Emmy, an Elle, a lifetime achievement award, and the Paul Rogers award for best medical communicator from the National Library of Medicine.

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