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Who We Are

AccessCircles is a by-invitation global network for women providing connectivity, knowledge and access to thought leaders, resources and experiences  that transform our lives.

Our primary areas of focus, Health and Wellness and Life Planning, are of intense interest to significant women as they make the daily and eventful choices that shape their lives, the lives of their families and their future.

As women are now living longer than ever before in society, we are focused on ensuring that the interface of health and wealth is fully understood by our community. We will explore all resources to ensure that the cogent information, access to critical resources and knowledge to live a healthy, productive and purposeful life, are readily available to us.

Our mission is to create a community that spurs dialogue, action and transformation by enlightening and empowering women through the sharing of their collective knowledge and influence, and by tapping the wisdom of preeminent thinkers and industry pioneers.

In August of 2007, AccessCircles launched with 25 Founding Members and a preview experience, the "Aspen Women's Health and Wellness Forum." The Forum was a by-invitation only event, hosting 45 influential women from around the country. Leading physicians, philanthropists and wellness chefs led discussions in private homes and unique locations in Aspen. Since launching in 2007, AccessCircles has continued to grow its membership and Circles around the world, having launched our first international Circle in South Africa. 

AccessCircles has consistently hosted Health and Wellness Forums in Aspen (July), Miami (January) and an annual forum focused on "Impact Investing and Strategic Philanthropy." Throughout the years AccessCircles has hosted over 300 transformational experiences. In addition, private retreats (50-300 women) have been hosted at exclusive resorts and unique venues around the world for our community and our alliance partners.

We are passionate about all aspects of equality in our lives and are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of women and transforming their medical care through the discovery, dissemination, and integration of sex and gender-based differences and the application of this knowledge to the delivery of care. 

We are focused on building awareness of Gender Precision Medicine and intend to impact issues related to women's health and gender biology and for advocating for changes in public policy to improve the health of women by advancing the new field of Gender Precision Medicine.

AccessCircles was founded by Carolee Friedlander, the former CEO and founder of Carolee Designs, one of the world's leading accessories brands. After the sale of her business in 2001, Carolee focused her passion and energy on women's health and life planning issues with a vision to create AccessCircles.

Lynn Connelly, a leading marketing executive and former LPGA professional, with a passion for educating women on the importance of living a proactive life of wellness, joined Carolee as a founding partner in January of 2007.


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